Why Personalisation Works – The Psychology

Whether you work in hospitality, manufacturing, education or retail, personalisation is a powerful thing. Tailoring your services, your promotional materials, and your products to your customers’ individual needs can have a dramatic impact on your company’s success.

Although it takes a little bit of extra time and energy to create a personalised experience, the effort you put in will be rewarded with customer loyalty, increased income and a fantastic reputation. So why exactly does personalisation work so well? More pertinently, how can you implement this strategy into the customer experience?

First impressions

First impressions are incredibly important in business. By taking the time to personalise any initial contact with a potential client, you can help ensure that they receive a great first impression of your company and services.

If you have the time, try to do a little bit of research about the company, organisation, or individual you’re contacting. Mentioning their recent projects or talking about their stand out products and why you love their company will help to show you’re not just a faceless organisation.

Following up will reinforce this good impression, making it much more likely that they’ll use your products or services in the future.


If you’ve taken the time to carefully personalise your email, mail-out, or other promotional piece for a specific company, that company is more likely to assume the product or service that you’re offering is relevant to them.

They’ll be more inclined to give up their precious time to read your promotional materials, giving your company a real shot at making a viable lead and a valuable contact.


All businesses, but especially SMEs and start-ups, want to be confident that the companies they work with will provide a high quality, reliable service. Personalising your content will help to reassure the businesses you work with that you value them – and their needs – not only on a professional level, but a personal one.

By creating a personal relationship in this way you can help to create trust and build the foundation of a long lasting business relationship.

Although personalising your content does take a little extra time, it’s actually easier and more affordable that you might think. Just a small initial investment can generate impressive returns,  giving your business a loyal customer base and a reputation to be proud of.

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