Connect with your customers in 2016

The start of a new year is the time to look afresh at how your brand is perceived by the outside world. With so many businesses blitzing their customers and prospects via digital marketing channels, print and direct mail marketing provide the perfect opportunity to stand out.

Independent research from Nudge Marketing shows that people prefer to absorb both marketing messages and business information in print format. 55% of respondents said that they found printed information easier to take in compared with only 18% preferring on-screen.

Other statistics pointing to direct mail as the brand awareness choice for companies seeking to develop a stand-out, multi-channel brand strategy are that 60% of senior business decision makers said that receiving quality direct marketing material kept brands top of mind.

Moreover, email campaigns average an industry standard of 12% open rates compared to direct mail at over 55%. So whilst email marketing provides a low-cost option, the brand’s perceived value is higher and also the engagement levels are more than four times higher, when printed mailings are used.

Regular direct mail campaigns that tie into your industry’s key calendar dates (trade shows, sporting events, Christmas, the release of new car registration plates to name a few examples) can show your customers that you are speaking their language and elicit better response rates as a result. Communicating with your customers three times a year, or ideally quarterly, will boost your brand’s recall and the mind-share of your prospects.

Starting a loyalty scheme is also a smart move. There is a reason that Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are constantly re-working their loyalty offering: it really works. Likewise, gyms, hotel chains, coffee shops and other much smaller businesses are finding that loyalty cards offer insight into their customers’ buying choices, allowing them to refine their marketing messages so their customers may experience the personal touch. All these things lead to increased customer loyalty and increased spend per customer.

Here at Fiala Print and Mail we specialise in managing the whole direct marketing process. We provide hassle-free, cost-effective solutions:

  • Selecting the best mailer size and printer for your campaign
  • Advising on the most effective and economical outer (polywrap/envelope)
  • Finding massive economies of scale in business postage costs
  • Managing the printing and mailing of any loyalty scheme, new or existing
  • Overseeing the fulfillment of the campaign from start to finish
  • Ensuring your budgets are met or reduced
  • Guaranteeing your deadlines are met

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