Direct mail and demand generation

Demand generation is an integral part of running a successful business. As Hub Spot says, “The goal of demand generation is to build and nurture key prospect and customer relationships for the long term.” Without a good demand generation strategy, businesses may well find that their customer base fails to expand and potentially that it could even begin to fall away.

In order to improve demand generation, businesses need to be proactive and invest in their customer relationships. As direct mail has proved to be an excellent way to engage with new and existing customers, it’s the perfect tool with which to boost demand generation and get more people excited about your business.

Brand awareness

Direct mail is a fantastic tool for raising brand awareness. Study after study has shown that recipients are far more likely to open a piece of direct mail than they are a marketing email. This means that, by simply arranging a direct mail out, you can boost brand recognition and get your company’s name out there.

If you want to encourage as many people as possible to open your mail out and engage with your content, you’ll need to be a little creative when it comes to copy and design. Try personalising your mail out wherever possible, as this helps to encourage recipients to open it and read your content. Using cleverly designed envelopes, high quality printing and colourful designs can also help to get you the attention you need.

Offering your customers something special

If you’re working on demand generation, you’ll need to ensure your direct mail out gets your customers excited about the products you have to offer. A good way to do this is to include a special promotion with the mail out. Make your existing and potential customers an offer they simply can’t refuse by including a promotional code or money off voucher with your mail out. This should encourage your customers to head to your ecommerce site, or visit your physical premises, and give your products a try.

Compelling content

Your demand generation campaign will have a better chance of success if your content is compelling and engaging. Use high quality images and engaging text to get your customers excited about the products or services you’re offering. A clear, easy to read design will help you to get your message across quickly and easily while good use of colour and graphics will help to grab attention fast.

Used well, direct mail is a great way of improving demand generation and increasing your customer base. Find out more about demand generation and other aspects of direct mail by taking a look around our site today.