How to build loyalty using direct marketing

Today customers are fickle and who can blame them? Most markets, whether B2B or B2C, are heaving with competitive offerings. Customers are blitzed on every front to take advantage of compelling deals; when they are reading magazines, surfing the web, travelling to work, and from what seems like constant telemarketing calls throughout the day.

As a result brand loyalty can go out of the window substituted for preference for the cheapest service provider or product or by “he who shouts loudest” ie the company with the largest marketing budget.

However it doesn’t have to be this way. In our 20 years experience of direct mail, direct marketing and loyal schemes, we at Fiala Print & Mail have identified four core success factors in winning customer loyalty and developing strong brands:

Create a memorable experience at every touch point

Begin by understanding your customer: research and segment your contacts database. In making sure that your direct mail and other direct marketing activities are personalized and honed to your customers needs they will feel acknowledged and recognized as a individual not just another sale.

Reward loyalty

By offering existing customers rewards for remaining a loyal customer, and additional rewards on a customer’s birthday allows the brand to make the customer feel valued as much as new customers. More sophisticated loyalty schemes will give you data on individuals preferences and purchase history which will allow you to personalize offers and create a more memorable/ customer experience.

Asking customers what they think and act on it

Customers are a firm’s best source of feedback about their products and services. Surveying customers is one thing, but actually implementing their feedback into the business, and letting that customer know that they have done so will help foster customer loyalty. Direct marketing allows the feedback to be generated instantly and can be used against the very next customer.

Turning the negative to the positive

Some 49% of consumers state that they are more likely to visit a business after reading a positive online review, and 69% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Customers have a range of channels to voice their opinion of businesses and their products: be sure to encourage your happy customers to shout about it online or to provide testimonials. Some companies do this successfully by offering a gift incentive in return.

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