Direct mail campaign ideas for the catering industry

Used well, direct mail can be a powerful tool in any industry. For businesses involved with catering, direct mail offers a unique opportunity to boost brand awareness, drive demand generation, and engage new and existing customers in one fell swoop. If you’re currently thinking of ways to increase the number of bookings you have for the Christmas party season, or if you want to get a head start on next year’s summer weddings, now’s the perfect time to take a closer look at your direct mail marketing campaign.

Timing is everything

As PMQ Pizza Magazine says, “Timing is everything. Your offer should be timed to drive business into the restaurant when customers are most likely to respond.” If your business is focused on catering for weddings, this means running a direct marketing campaign well in advance of the wedding season. Most couples book their caterers months in advance, with many arranging the food for their wedding a year before the big day. Running direct mail campaigns in September, October, January, and February will help to ensure you’re at the forefront of your potential customers’ minds when it’s time to book a caterer.

Christmas is another important season for the catering industry. A lot of businesses host corporate parties around the festive season. Of course, each of these parties need caterers. Plan your direct mail campaign for the late summer and very early autumn, if you want to grab customers’ attention at just the right time.

Be persistent

Businesses and individuals who are looking for catering services will often consider their options for weeks, or even a few months, before they book. The first direct mail contact they have from your business will help to boost brand awareness and get them thinking about the services you offer. A few weeks after your initial contact, send another direct mail out to your potential customers.

In this mail out, you’ll want to include a compelling call to action, like a limited special offer. If the recipient has already considered your company as a potential caterer for their event, this could well be the push they need to get them to book.

Be specific

When designing your direct mail campaign, you need to ensure it tells your customers exactly what you can do for them. Include specific details of the services you offer and use real photos of past events so customers can see exactly what you’re capable of. The better your potential customers understand what you can do for them and for their event, the more likely they’ll be to call on your services.

An effective and affordable way to connect with your customers and boost your company’s chance of success, direct mail can make a big difference to your catering business. Explore our site today to find out more.