The importance of headings on direct mail

The heading is one of the most important elements of any written text. Whether it’s a marketing email, a blog, an ad, or a direct mail out, the heading is what grabs readers’ attention and ensures your copy gets noticed. As WordStream puts it:

“There’s no sense in dedicating any time to creating content or running ads if your headlines aren’t compelling. It’s like writing a wonderful book and giving it an awful cover.”

If you’re currently planning a direct mail campaign, you’ll need to begin thinking about your headings relatively early on if you’re going to get noticed. To help ensure your direct mail campaign gets the attention it deserves, we’re taking a closer look at the importance of headings and how you can write a great opener.

Attention grabbing

Although direct mail has a good read and response rate, most recipients will only give your mail out a cursory glance before deciding whether or not it’s for them. If they decide they’re not interested, your potential customers will probably place your mail out in the recycling before reading it properly. If on the other hand your heading piques their interest and grabs their attention, your potential customers may well take the time to read through all of the information you’ve sent out and even respond to your campaign.

Giving your mail out an identity

As the heading is the first thing your recipients will see, it will set the tone for your mail out. The words, phrasing, and the font you use will all influence how people see your campaign. Make sure that your heading relates closely to the content of your mail out and try to ensure it encapsulates your core message. When designing your mail out, make sure you use a typeface that’s easy to read, this will help you to get your message across quickly and easily.

How to write a great heading

When writing a heading for your direct mail campaign, it can be all too easy to become daunted by the importance of the task. Instead of trying to come up with a winning sentence first time, try writing out a few working headings to get you started. Think about what your campaign is about and what you’re trying to convey through your mail out. Are you promoting a special offer? A new product line? Or a new branch? If so, make sure you get this into your heading. Once you’ve got a working title, you can start refining it until you’re 100% happy with the heading.

Although it’s just a few words, your heading can have an impact on the success of your mail out. By putting time and thought into getting it just right, you can help to give your campaign an even greater chance of success. Find out more about creating high quality direct mail campaigns by taking a look around our site today.