Integrated Marketing: The Magic Rule of 7

Integrated marketing is widely accepted as being a sensible approach to any communications strategy. It is surprising then, when it comes to implementation, that many organisations focus on just one aspect of their marketing toolkit or if they do use a variety of channels they don’t do so consistently.

If you are a seasoned marketer, you will probably have heard of the Rule of 7. This concept is built on the premise that: a prospect needs to see, hear, or otherwise be exposed to a message at least seven times before they respond. In other words, if you don’t have a marketing communications strategy that touches the prospect at least seven times, you significantly reduce your chances of sales success.

We often hear the phrases like ‘Print is dead’ or ‘PR is dead’ or touting that some other traditional marketing technique has become outmoded. Largely this is untrue. The true situation is more that as communications technology innovates at an increasingly fast rate of Knots we have more possibilities open to us as marketers – utilising traditional marketing activities is just as important as ever but they do need to be integrated and carefully planned within the campaign strategy.

We have created a list of 7 marketing activities to inspire your organisation to move your prospects closer to making a purchasing decision:

Email marketing: Building a list of prospects email addresses and sending them updates of offers and industry insights will keep your brand top of mind and position you as experts in your field

Direct mail: Creating an innovative direct mailer that catches your audiences’ attention through its physical presence and ‘hold in hand’ potential not only increases its chances of being kept but also is likely to encourage the recipient to visit your website. 86m people placed orders as a result of a direct mail campaign in 2012.

Writing a blog: Having a selection of interesting articles, from the fun to the factual, will boost your rankings in the world of SEO, as well as position you as opinion leaders and altruistic content sharers

Loyalty cards: By offering your existing customers special offers and privileges you are more likely to keep their custom and reduce their purchases with competitors. You don’t need to be a retail or hotel giant to make the most of loyalty schemes – we can advise you on how to use personalised membership and loyalty cards. It’s so much easier than you might think.

Printed Catalogues: In a world of digital communications people love the opportunity to flick through printed brochures. A recent Royal Mail survey demonstrated that when an organisation mailed out a product brochure or catalogue there was a significant spike in online visitors and purchases.

Social Media: Tweet it, Post it on Facebook or Pulse it on Linkedin. If you have something to say on email, on your blog or elsewhere on your website, maximise the reach of your message!

Advertising: What are your target audience reading? Whether it’s a website they regularly visit or a monthly magazine they subscribe to, an engaging advert can boost your brand awareness and engage readers to take action.

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