How loyalty cards are evolving in an e-commerce marketplace

Loyalty programmes can be incredibly beneficial to businesses of all sizes. As BigCommerce explains, “Loyalty programs bring customers into your ecosystem and inform merchants about their shoppers. They encourage repeat shoppers and offer customer insight that can be applied to nurture campaigns and other marketing initiatives.” Creating a loyalty scheme of your own could therefore help your business to improve its relationship with its customer base, increase turnover and collect valuable data for the future.

However, if you are going to create a loyalty programme, it’s essential you consider your online and your offline shoppers. Customers these days expect a smooth experience across multiple platforms, so creating one loyalty scheme for all your shoppers is a must. Read on to find out more.

One loyalty card for all platforms

Companies looking to create loyalty card programmes in today’s ecommerce marketplace need to consider both online and offline customers from the outset. Ideally, your customers should be able to use the same card in your physical store and on your ecommerce site. This means offering a certain level of integration between the two platforms. Although this may require investment, moving towards a more omnichannel approach for your business will help it to prepare for the future and ensure it’s one step ahead of the competition.

Special online offers

If customers are able to use their loyalty card or loyalty card number in your online store as well as your physical premises, combining your loyalty scheme with your next direct mail campaign could bring big results. Think about sending your customers a special offer that can be redeemed via their loyalty card either on or offline.

A lot of the time, you’ll find that shoppers are more likely to take advantage of a special offer if they can do it from the comfort of their own home. If you make the offer exclusive to loyalty cardholders, you’ll tempt even more shoppers to take action as they’ll feel like they’re getting something a little bit special.

Collecting data

Whether customers use their loyalty cards online or offline, your business should be collecting data on every purchase made. This will give you valuable information on customer shopping habits, something that can help enormously with future market research and product development. The more information you can collect, the more you’ll have at your fingertips next time it comes to planning a direct mail marketing campaign.

When creating or updating loyalty card schemes, it’s essential that businesses consider their online and offline platforms. The more closely these two sides of a business can be integrated, the smoother the customer experience will be. Find out more about planning a loyalty card scheme by speaking to one of the members of our expert team, or having a look around our site today.