Plastic membership cards for festivals

Festivals of all kinds are incredibly popular in the UK. As GallowGroup explains:

“The number of people attending festivals each year has been growing at a considerable rate for many years now. In 2016, a record 30.9 million people visited gigs and festivals in the UK alone, and the trend is showing no signs of slowing.”

As a result, the market for festival-related products and accessories is growing rapidly. Companies that provide the goods and services that make festivals tick have seen a big increase in demand in recent years.

As a lot of festivals use plastic cards in a variety of roles, printing companies have also seen an increased demand for festival related services. From event passes and IDs to payment cards and loyalty schemes, plastic cards can be used to help streamline festival planning and make the event run more smoothly.

Passes and authorisation

Creating high quality, durable passes is an important part of planning an event. Passes are required to help security staff identify who has legitimate access to which areas. This helps to make events safer and more secure for everyone.

Create a range of plastic cards for all staff and performers at your festival to help everyone find their way around more easily. The main benefit of using plastic cards for is that plastic is tough and durable. Conditions at festivals aren’t always perfect so you’ll need cards that will withstand everything the British weather can throw at them.

ID cards and tickets

If you want to ensure that only the people who bought tickets gain access to your event, you can use plastic cards to beef up security. One of the best ways to ensure all attendees at an event are legitimate is to print a photo of each ticket holder on a plastic card and send these IDs out in the post before your festival begins. Either these cards can be used as the tickets themselves, or you can ask guests to present their plastic cards alongside their festival ticket.

Payment cards

If you want to streamline the festival experience for your guests, you could offer plastic payment cards for use in the festival site. Campers could load up these cards with credit and then use them to pay for goods around the site. Although this will require coordination with the vendors selling at your festival, it could be a good way to make the payment process smoother and faster for everyone.

Plastic cards have a wide range of applications in a festival setting. To find out more, or to learn about the services we offer, take a look around our site, or get in touch with a member of our team.