Why hotel guests prefer plastic key cards

Every year, millions of people stay in thousands of hotels around the world. From small family run guesthouses to large hospitality chains, these hotels provide an essential service to holidaymakers and business travellers everywhere. According to @StatistaCharts, “The global hotel industry was forecasted to generate 550 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2016.” Up significantly on previous years, this substantial revenue shows that hotels remain incredibly popular, even in a world filled with alternatives like Airbnb.

However, competition between hotels remains high and establishments need to ensure that they’re doing everything they can to attract and keep their customer base. As keys are an integral part of any hotel, selecting the right access solution for your premises is essential. In general, hotel guests prefer plastic key cards to other entry options. Installing plastic key card readers in your property could help to make your hotel even more desirable.


Apart from the quality of the rooms and the centrality of the location, one of the most important aspects of any hotel is its security. When guests check in, they expect their rooms to be safe and secure for the duration of their stay. Having good quality, high-tech locks on every door is the best way to ensure your guests feel safe when they go to bed at night.


Another thing that guests want from their hotel is convenience. As plastic key cards fit neatly into wallets and pockets, they’re a lot easier to carry around than other types of key. What’s more, as plastic key cards are compact and easy to carry, guests are much less likely to lose them. This helps to minimise inconvenience to both guests and hotel owners and keeps key replacement costs to a minimum.


Handing out plastic key cards to your guests helps to give your hotel a more modern and contemporary feel. If you want to give your guests the impression that you’re running a forward-thinking hotel, switching from traditional metal keys to plastic alternatives is a great way to do it. In order to use plastic key cards in your hotel, you’ll need to install key card readers on every door. These readers will automatically unlock the door when the correct key card is presented.

Helping to improve the security of your hotel and boost convenience for your guests, plastic key cards can help you to enhance the customer experience and get your guests coming back again and again. To find out more about producing key cards, or to order key cards for your hotel, take a look around our site today.